Looking for a delightful grown-up beverage you can enjoy on your restricted diet? One with zero residual sugar and no carbs? Look no further than 101 Cider House.

They start with 100 percent fresh-pressed juice, which is a source of naturally occurring yeasts and good bacteria. When these are set aside in bottle, the yeasts eat all the fruit sugar/carbs, leaving nothing but healthy, bone-dry, tasty-tasty cider.

As if that isn’t already the world’s best magic trick, even more wizardry takes place during this process. As the result of naturally-occurring fermentation, lactic acid bacteria is produced, making the cider from 101 Cider House certified probiotic (think kombucha with a serious kick!). The base cider that goes in to all of their blends has been lab tested and confirmed to contain between 1.5 and 3 billion colony forming units of probiotic bacteria. Be honest, if you had a choice between a pill or a slightly boozy way to get your billion+ units of good bacteria, wouldn’t you rather get your bugs with a side of buzz? (Well, at least on weekends)

101 is kind of protective of those probiotics. To keep them safe, they don’t add any sulfites or preservatives of any kind. For the record, all of the ciders are also gluten-free and vegan, too.

Low alcohol, no carbs, zero residual sugar, and packed with probiotics? An alcohol you can enjoy while keeping your diet clean, and waking up fully functional in the morning? It’s not illusion, it’s 101 Cider House. Cheers!