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The Clean Food Fest is a new lifestyle festival and brand that celebrates the feel good food we love – and many need – to eat.

Fresh, clean, and free from all of the things a growing percentage of adults and children need or choose to avoid, the Clean Food Fest is a veritable wonderland for anyone with food sensitivities, the health conscious, and those who simply want to go to a food festival and eat their heart out without paying for it the next day. #feelgoodfood

Part food festival, part conference and part marketplace, the Clean Food Fest will bring the city’s best chefs and restaurants making the food you crave, can never seem to find, and don’t want to be “that guy” and have to ask a million questions to special order.

Organic and non-GMO is just the beginning. Everything will be gluten, dairy and soy free, with an easy to read guide and signage for other concerns like rice, corn, nuts, legumes, and other potential allergens. Plus, plenty of options for vegans and vegetarians.

Always free from artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. All proteins will be organic and grass fed. All seafood will meet the seafood watch guidelines and standards. If it gets our stamp of approval, you know it’s #beyondorganic #feelgoodfood.