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June Spotlight: AIP | 20 Easy AIP Lunches To Get You Through The Month

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One of the hardest things about being on the Autoimmune Protocol diet (AIP) is the hours of prep. There's meal planning and shopping and prep. Oh, the food prep. Chopping and peeling and dicing and sorting and braising and and and...   Of course it's worth it and we love the way we feel, but it's [...]

Regenerative Agriculture and Our Planet | Clean Made LA 2018 Speaker Sessions

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Soil matters! It's quite literally the foundation of our planet and changes the content of the air we breath, the food we eat and the water we drink. We were honored to have two leaders in Regenerative Agriculture– Chris Kerston (Savory Institute) and Don Smith (Kiss the Ground)  join us to discuss the important [...]

Healthy Trader Joe’s Products Nutritionists Swear By

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Trader Joe's is a great place to find produce and a surprising number of healthy packaged, prepared, and frozen foods. We sometimes even shop there for vitamins, and we love their honey-scented hand soap and their entire wine and beer department.   But knowing that there are so many great things at TJ's, we really appreciated [...]

June Spotlight: AIP | 39 Amazing Autoimmune Protocol Recipes

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Waffles, tempura shrimp, gyro sliders, coconut cream pie. If you thought you’d be limited to nothing but free-range steaks and carrot sticks on the Autoimmune Protocol diet, think again.   This post, 39 Amazing Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Friendly Recipes, from Primal Palate, offers recipes for AIP-friendly breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals, with some snacks thrown in, [...]

Recipe: Paleo Nacho Cheese Sauce

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I'll never forget an exchange with my son, about a year ago. I told him we were having pasta for dinner. He was not impressed. He leveled his gaze at me and asked, accusingly, "Is the pasta good or is it healthy?" Ouch! As funny (albeit sassy!) as that comment was, it raises an important misnomer about [...]

What Are The Real Origins of Organic and Sustainable Mail Order Meat?

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We hate to be the ones to bring this up…but probably the thought has crossed your mind, too. How do we know if the meat we order online is truly as clean as the company says it is? Issues about supply vs. sustainability, price vs. carbon footprint, labeling, transparency, and basic trust with companies [...]

First Bumblebee Species Gets Placed On The Endangered Species List

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There are many “firsts” worth getting excited about. We memorialize first steps, first jobs, first anniversaries; first big milestones are often a cause for parties and celebration. But for the first time ever, a U.S. bumblebee species has been placed on the Endangered Species List. This first, designating the rusty patched bumble bee (Bombus affinis) as vulnerable, [...]

The Secret Life Of Bees And Their Role In Longevity | Clean Made LA 2018 Speaker Sessions

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Last year marked a decade since Colony Collapse Disorder was first reported in this country. We were honored to have Maryam Henein join us to discuss how bees and other pollinators are doing today and what these ancient creatures can teach us about our health, autoimmunity, and our food supply. ABOUT MARYAM: Maryam Henein [...]

The Great Debate: A Response To “Goodbye – and good riddance – to livestock farming”

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On October 4, George Monbiot wrote an op-ed in The Guardian about the need to end livestock farming. The Savory Institute agrees with him about the unnecessary suffering inherent in mass meat production, and believes – as Mr. Monbiot does – that industrially raised meat production and animal cruelty needs to end, and they’re also [...]

June Spotlight: AIP | GOOP Goes AIP: A Q&A with Amy Myers, M.D.

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Our June Spotlight on AIP has taken us from an overview of the Autoimmune Protocol, the reasons behind it, the healing effects of AIP, which foods to eat and to avoid, how to gradually reintroduce ingredients back into your diet after you’ve eliminated all non-AIP foods, ways to make AIP easier, and a whole bunch of [...]