It almost sounds like a Hollywood movie: Two brothers from Abilene, Kansas. A juice-devoted, health-nut mom. A childhood spent working hard in the garden, growing organic fruits and vegetables, completely unaware that anyone does anything differently.

CUT TO: The brothers, Jack and David Jones, head out to California following their need for adventure, and wind up doing what they’ve always done: hunting down the freshest, most consciously-grown produce to make the juices they grew up on.

As these things go, while picking through the best of L.A.’s farmers markets, using their freshly-picked bounty to create bold combinations of raw pressed fruits and vegetables, local friends found out their secret. Soon enough, Jack and David earned a reputation as one of L.A.’s preeminent local juice crafters, eventually catching the attention of the visionary restaurateurs behind LA’s historic Grand Central Market. In the fall of 2014, Jack and David proudly opened their first brick-and-mortar juice bar on the Broadway side of the bustling market: Press Brothers Juicery.

But that’s hardly The End.

The brothers continually educate themselves on different juicing disciplines, consulting a variety of health experts and nutritionists as they press batch after batch of unique organic juice blends (like the habanero pepper hit, Drop Acid, and the sweet beet and pear fusion in Longevity). And it’s not just the taste that keeps people coming back for more. Juicing is a way to supplement an average diet and keep healthy in this world of non-stop, on-the-go action. Juicing is a way to instantly nourish bodies with living enzymes, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. It replenishes dead cells, fends off sickness and supplies energy. And Press Brothers Juices are 100% USDA certified organic. The juices are always living and raw, never pasteurized (pasteurization kills the enzymes, vitamins and minerals). Of course, they’re also insanely, crave-ably fresh, unique, and delicious.

In addition to juice, the Franklin Village location also serves food!