The Mission

Clean Made started with a simple idea: to bring authentic community, education, and accessibility to the clean and sustainability realms without all of the labels, dogma or “woo woo” that so often divides us.

Clean Made is not exclusively paleo, gluten-free, vegan, or keto – and it’s not exclusively focused on food. Our driving force is to create a space for dialogue, inclusion, and bio individuality while holding companies, products, brands, and services to a higher standard of healthfulness and sustainability for all.

Clean Made is about breaking down barriers and bringing a fresh perspective and intelligent (science, fact and research based!), dialogue to conversations about food, sustainability and clean goods and services – through an online community, lifestyle content, creating label-free accessibility to ideas, recipes, and products as well as opportunities to gather online and in-person for events that connect the community and create opportunities for exploration, discovery, and FUN.

About Us

Shawna Dawson
Shawna DawsonFounder

Get to know us

After spending the last decade working in the realm of marketing, PR, branding and events as the founder and principal of Sauce LA, launching many of Los Angeles’ top restaurants and chefs, and creating and launching a couple of her own successful event brands – the LA Food Fest and Artisanal LA – she realized while eating her way through the city the native Angeleno calls home, something was wrong. Terribly wrong. After a long odyssey of doctors, naturopaths, self-discovery and google (so much googling!) she put the pieces together and was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and “non-celiac gluten reactivity.” Read: the reality of not being able to eat gluten, dairy, soy or legumes. Following that experience – and the realization that everyone she knew was only a degree or two from someone with a similar issue, or the parent of child with food sensitivities – Shawna knew she wanted to create a hub for people on the same wellness journey to find answers to their many questions in one place that didn’t exist when she needed it most, not to mention, events she could actually shop and eat at again!

Can you tell I missed carbs?! The naan recipe can be used for making tortillas and pizza crust too!
Fave Books
1. The Paleo Approach: Reverse Autoimmune Disease and Heal Your Body by Dr Sarah Ballantyne
2. My Paleo Patisserie: An Artisan Approach to Grain Free Baking by Jeni Hulet
3. Against All Grain: Delectable Paleo Recipes to Eat Well & Feel Great by Danielle Walker
As someone who loves to cook and spent the better part of the last ten years eating for a living, once I knew what I had to remove, food was my biggest challenge. Beyond that, as a lifelong researcher, I needed to understand the science of what was happening and why. These books got me off the ledge when I thought my good health, cooking and baking life were over forever. 

Shawna planned to go to medical school but ended up with a degree in religion and bioethics.

Fran Linscott
Fran LinscottCo-Founder

Fran is a traveler and food lover by nature – and a lifelong celiac who’s no stranger to the wide world of food sensitivities and allergies, after dealing with years of severe chronic pain and inflammation before her diagnosis. Fran brings with her experience in a number of different industries including retail management, visual marketing, non-profit administration and event production, but above all, a love of clean food and brands. She’s all about the details and finding new ways to create and nurture communities around the journey of discovery. She is passionate about shining a spotlight on what “clean” means, especially through the lens of cultural foods like her own that are so easily lost on these journeys, and reclaiming joy along the way.

Fran joined the Angeleno, Inc (Sauce LA, Artisanal LA, LA Food Fest) team in 2015, first as a volunteer, and soon after heading up Artisanal LA’s growth, where she and Shawna discovered they were kindred spirits who could always count on each other to get a lunch order right or pick a restaurant they could both eat at! Their journeys in reclaiming their health have been long and constantly evolving, leading them both to a keen awareness of the fact that there is no “one-size-fits all” model for healthy living and “clean” eating, and to see the importance of breaking down barriers and creating the opportunity for exploration and discovery for everyone to learn about their body, their food, and the products they use on a daily basis.

3.  Almond Butter Bars (I make these in mini cups and top with maldon salt)​
​ ​
Tears were absolutely shed when I recently realized I couldn’t have cashews or eggs. With a little experimentation I found that I could sub sunflower seeds into almost any recipe calling for cashews. WOOT! Artichoke dip is BACK!
1. Nom Nom Paleo
2. The Whole 30
3. ​The Far Pavilions (What? Who said it has to always be about food?)​
As the child of Indian and Italian immigrants and someone who deeply loves food, I grieved the loss of my family recipes and native foods. I also needed to understand how to retrain my palate (hello sweet tooth!) and my body and figure out which foods were causing my symptoms. These books served to help encourage, gain control, help me see the potential for diversity in clean food, and gave me hope that I didn’t have to lose the flavors and foods I’d grown up eating. (Oh, and a little escape! Hence the inclusion of The Far Pavilions.)

​Fran grew up outside of Miami, moved to Maine as a kid, ​went to college in upstate New York, and spent her young adult years in San Jose before moving to LA.

No Labels. No Dogma. No Woo Woo.

Creating a space for dialogue, inclusion, and bio individuality with opportunities for exploration, discovery and FUN.