What if we told you there’s a way to whip up something super-fast and easy (we’re talking exhausted, mid-week, really want to order take-out fast and easy), while sticking to your Autoimmune Protocol diet — but without meal planning? It’s possible, we promise (no magic wand required)!

So what’s the secret? Condiments! Pre-made, delicious, measured and seasoned to your preferences, bottled, refrigerated, and ready to use sauces, olive oils, dips, and dressings. “Boosters” that add a shot of flavor to the simplest preparations, so you can do the bare minimum to just throw some things together, but get results that feel just as satisfying as if you’d spent a long time slaving away in the kitchen. Because that’s the thing: you will have done that, previously. Bottling the flavor boosters when you have time to prepare them lets you enjoy the benefits on those off nights.

In her post Easy AIP Meals Without Meal Planning, Rachael Bryant of Meatified shares her recipes for staples, like:

She also provides a few of her favorite recipes for how to mix these condiments together with simple ingredients to make incredible (and incredibly easy!) meals.

Check it out!

Want even more options to make super-simple meals without much fuss? This recipe for AIP ranch dressing is dairy-free and Whole30-compliant, and — unlike the junky mystery white sauce you buy at the grocery store — this ranch dressing is packed with good-for-you ingredients like coconut milk, avocado oil, and apple cider vinegar.

Not only is it great as a salad dressing (come on, admit it! Ranch dressing is awesome! …when it’s made with the right ingredients). But it’s also a great sauce in dishes like Grass Fed Salsa’s recipe for AIP Bacon Chicken Ranch Casserole.