We all had our favorite Halloween candy… Fran was a Butterfinger and Reeses girl, and while Shawna didn’t have much of a sweet tooth, she too loved a good peanut butter cup or twix bar.

Needless to say, when the stores start stocking Halloween candy in what feels like every nook and cranny of the store, we start feeling like there’s no escaping the reminiscing about the sweet treats, and thinking, “I could probably have one… right?” We know that story, and for us, it hasn’t exactly ended well. So when we started seeing recipes for sweet treats resembling some of our childhood favorites pop up, we were thrilled. Hooray for the internet!

These Almond Butterfinger Bars are a total standout. One of the best things about this recipe from Unrefined Kitchen is how versatile it is. As you’d expect, they’re a little different than the peanut buttery Butterfinger candy bars we grew up with, but they’re still a terrific, crunchy, chocolate-y treat. Bonus– you don’t actually need the chocolate! They’re delish without. These bars are also excellent as an ice cream topping and we’re willing to bet they’d make one heck of a non-dairy ‘blizzard’ too. Check out this amazing two ingredient non-dairy ice cream… so good!

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And stay tuned! We’ve got more clean treats coming your way this October.

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