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101 Cider House Puts The “Fun” In Functional

2018-07-17T13:49:57+00:00 July 16th, 2018|Clean Eats, Clean Made LA|

Looking for a delightful grown-up beverage you can enjoy on your restricted diet? One with zero residual sugar and no carbs? Look no further than 101 Cider House. They start with 100 percent fresh-pressed juice, which is a source of naturally occurring yeasts and good bacteria. When these are set aside in bottle, the yeasts eat [...]

Customize Your Nutrition With Your Super Foods (and a discount!)

2018-07-06T16:24:16+00:00 July 13th, 2018|Brain Health, Clean Eats, Clean Made LA, Nutrition, Self Care|

Michael Kuech thought he was doing everything right. He was 24 years old, he was in business school. He was training to become a professional tennis player. He thought he was treating his body in a way to support his endeavors and to produce optimal results. Then he got cancer. Kristel DeGroot had met Michael on the [...]

Vive La National French Fries Day

2018-07-05T23:39:43+00:00 July 13th, 2018|Clean Eats, Recipes|

French fries are one of life's pleasures and we're happy to indulge when we can. To make this possible, we now eat baked French fries, so we don't immediately regret our choices. We also don't eat them very often. But as an occasional treat? Fries are our favorite. Depending on the diet you follow, white potatoes may [...]

July Spotlight: Paleo Picnics | Easy, Fudgy, Fast, 5 Ingredient Keto, GF, Paleo Brownies

2018-07-06T00:45:44+00:00 July 12th, 2018|Clean Eats, Recipes|

It's summertime! Time to bend the rules a little (except for keeping a clean diet -- that rule ultimately isn't fun to break, and who wants to set themselves back after working so hard to make progress? Health comes first!). We're not advocating extremes, we just want you to get out there and have a little [...]

Chill Out: 3 Recipes For Homemade Creamy Vegan Popsicles

2018-06-28T11:32:32+00:00 July 11th, 2018|Clean Eats, Nutrition, Recipes, Summer Recipes|

Since July is National Ice Cream Month, it only seems fitting that everyone should celebrate. So in addition to the dairy ice cream recipes we'll be posting throughout the month, we have quite a few non-dairy nice cream recipes, too. Or, in this case, creamy, vegan freezer pops.   Enjoy! These recipes are simple, delicious, and a [...]

A Hollywood Classic: Press Brothers Juicery

2018-07-19T10:17:36+00:00 July 10th, 2018|Clean Eats, Clean Made LA, Clean Made Picks, Los Angeles|

It almost sounds like a Hollywood movie: Two brothers from Abilene, Kansas. A juice-devoted, health-nut mom. A childhood spent working hard in the garden, growing organic fruits and vegetables, completely unaware that anyone does anything differently. CUT TO: The brothers, Jack and David Jones, head out to California following their need for adventure, and wind up [...]

July Spotlight: Paleo Picnics | Recipe for Paleo Baked “Beans”

2018-07-05T00:32:00+00:00 July 9th, 2018|Clean Eats, Holidays, Recipes, Summer Recipes|

We were recently sitting around Clean Made HQ, talking about summer and picnics and BBQs and what we're nostalgic for from our childhoods, and someone brought up baked beans. It was kind of a downer, because with all of our collective food issues, none of us could imagine how we'd possibly recreate the oh-so-unhealthy scrumptiousness of [...]

Get Fed With R.e.d.d.

2018-07-04T23:51:56+00:00 July 9th, 2018|Clean Eats, Clean Made LA, Nutrition|

Bars are big business so by now you've probably tried most of the ones on the market (and probably a whole bunch that eventually fell by the wayside, too). That's kind of the way we felt about the bar brouhaha, too...until we met R.e.d.d. See, unlike most of the energy bars that come across our desk [...]

Take Mylk Labs Oatmeal Cups With You, And They’ll Take You Through The Day

2018-07-04T00:44:50+00:00 July 8th, 2018|Clean Eats, Clean Living, Clean Made LA|

Say what you will about brown bag lunches and weeknight dinners, we contend the hardest meal to pull together is breakfast. This is especially true when you're trying to head out the door while wanting something substantial to start the day that also has to be nutritionally balanced for energy and focus without fillers or sugars [...]

If You Aren’t Miserable, You’re Probably Not In Ketosis

2018-07-24T14:24:34+00:00 July 7th, 2018|Brain Health, Clean Eats, Clean Living, Clean Reads, Nutrition|

...Or at least that's the conclusion Sara Chodosh has come to, in her article, Sorry, Keto fans, you're probably not in ketosis. It's just too hard, she argues in her piece for Popular Science. Unless it's brutal, you're probably not doing it right. The reason for this is the diet's 80 - 90 percent necessary fat [...]