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There’s A Lot Of Love In Wes Avila’s Sweet Potato Tacos

2018-06-19T13:36:57-08:00September 29th, 2017|Clean Eats, Los Angeles, Recipes|

Back when Wesley Avila devoured his tia’s sweet potato tacos after his mom passed away from a sudden illness, he had no idea those same tacos would reappear to help sustain his business, years later, as the most popular taco on the menu at his street cart, Guerrilla Tacos. Avila didn’t set out to [...]

Haunted Hiking

2018-06-19T15:01:25-08:00September 26th, 2017|Clean Living, Los Angeles|

Good waterfalls; hot, shirtless guys; cute dogs; hot, shirtless guys walking cute dogs, Southern California offers a rich diversity of landscape and scenery. What you might not know is, Southern California also offers an array of hikes for the supernaturally inclined. From strange noises to tales of parked cars being pulled uphill (!) (they [...]

Planting Guide For Los Angeles Gardening

2018-06-19T15:00:34-08:00September 25th, 2017|Clean Living, DIY, Los Angeles|

Wondering when to put those pea plants in the ground? Curious about the optimal time for planting carrots? If you’re in Los Angeles (which, by-the-way, is in hardiness zone 10a/10b), this post from Enrich LA is the perfect guide for everything you’ve wanted to know about planting seasons...but were afraid to ask. Get the dirt [...]

When The Ingredients Are Good, You Don’t Need Many Of Them To Create The Perfect Dessert

2018-06-20T15:26:30-08:00September 5th, 2017|Clean Eats, Clean Living, Clean Made Picks, Clean Reads, Los Angeles, Recipes|

We’re super fans of Sweet Laurel Bakery and we also crush pretty hard on Kippy’s! Organic Ice Cream Shop, so when we came across this recipe by the Sweet Laurel ladies, for a coconut cream and honey-based "nice" cream, inspired by the super-simple raw coconut cream from Kippy’s, it felt like a gift from [...]