Training Your Brain To Skew Positive

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We're made to be happy right? Not exactly, says researcher Loretta Breuning in her new book, The Science of Positivity. Her article, in Forbes,“How To Train Your Brain To Go Positive Instead of Negative,” explains how our brains are really wired and offers some helpful exercises to help quiet that inner Eeyore, so instead of always [...]

Do A Digital Detox Without Deleting Your Apps

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On Monday, the World Health Organization announced it was adding "gaming disorder" to its panoply of medical conditions and diagnoses, and there have been studies published as recently as August 2017, warning of the dangers of "video game addiction in emerging adulthood." So we have plenty of evidence that electronics can do unwholesome things to our [...]

This Has Nothing To Do With You: The Real Science Behind The Buddhist Teaching Of Anatta, or “Not Self”

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For centuries, practicing Buddhists have known that if one gets out of their own way, they can approach difficult situations with flexibility and a healthy attitude. They’ve known, as well, that a wild, rambunctious “monkey mind” can be trained to be cool and calm, even in stressful situation (or should we say: most notably [...]