Healthy Trader Joe’s Products Nutritionists Swear By

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Trader Joe's is a great place to find produce and a surprising number of healthy packaged, prepared, and frozen foods. We sometimes even shop there for vitamins, and we love their honey-scented hand soap and their entire wine and beer department.   But knowing that there are so many great things at TJ's, we really appreciated [...]

Recipe: Paleo Nacho Cheese Sauce

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I'll never forget an exchange with my son, about a year ago. I told him we were having pasta for dinner. He was not impressed. He leveled his gaze at me and asked, accusingly, "Is the pasta good or is it healthy?" Ouch! As funny (albeit sassy!) as that comment was, it raises an important misnomer about [...]

What Are The Real Origins of Organic and Sustainable Mail Order Meat?

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We hate to be the ones to bring this up…but probably the thought has crossed your mind, too. How do we know if the meat we order online is truly as clean as the company says it is? Issues about supply vs. sustainability, price vs. carbon footprint, labeling, transparency, and basic trust with companies [...]

June Spotlight: AIP | GOOP Goes AIP: A Q&A with Amy Myers, M.D.

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Our June Spotlight on AIP has taken us from an overview of the Autoimmune Protocol, the reasons behind it, the healing effects of AIP, which foods to eat and to avoid, how to gradually reintroduce ingredients back into your diet after you’ve eliminated all non-AIP foods, ways to make AIP easier, and a whole bunch of [...]

June Spotlight: AIP | Egg-Free AIP: A Roundup Of What To Eat For Breakfast When You’re Off Eggs

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Paleo and Paleo-based diets call for a lot of protein. In fact, so many things get eliminated on these diets that most of what is left to eat is protein and vegetables (give or take a few other things). With such high protein requirements, naturally eggs become a staple, especially for breakfast (because once you cut [...]

June Spotlight: AIP | Autoimmune Wellness Takes The Work Out Of AIP

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This month we’re shining a spotlight on the Autoimmune Protocol, or AIP. It’s a diet very similar to Paleo, but with additional restrictions on foods that trigger an autoimmune reaction.   Like all restrictive diets (or like any undertaking to change one’s body and improve one’s health), AIP takes work. If you’re already eating Paleo it [...]

June Spotlight: AIP | Listen Up: We Love The Autoimmune Wellness Podcast

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The Autoimmune Wellness Podcast is a fantastic resource for all things Paleo, Whole30, and AIP. Hosts Mickey Trescott and Angie Alt both suffer from autoimmune conditions, and are both badasses who have forged careers in helping people manage their own autoimmune conditions through food and lifestyle (Mickey is a certified nutritional therapy practitioner and coaches clients [...]

Breakfast of Champions: 10 Tips To Start The Day With AIP

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So you’ve decided to try eating the Paleo AIP way! Congratulations! How will you start?   No, literally, how will you actually the start the day, since, on the Autoimmune Protocol diet, you’re not supposed to eat grain, coffee, nuts, seeds, sugar, chocolate, or eggs?   It’s a lot to think about and beginning at the [...]

June Spotlight: AIP | A Medical Perspective On The Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Diet

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Want a quick and concise overview of the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP)? Look no further than this article, All You Need to Know About the AIP Diet, from Medical News Today. The article, written by Lana Burgess (and reviewed by Natalie Butler, RD, LD), summarizes what AIP is ("a much stricter version of the Paleo diet. It advises eliminating [...]

Hack Your Rice With Brain-Boosting Coconut Oil

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For those who can tolerate it, we know that white rice is a great source of clean carbohydrates, but researchers have found that with a couple of small tweaks, the caloric content of white rice could be reduced by up to 60% and the starch content could easily be changed into 'resistant starches' which [...]