Happy National Donut Day! Once there was a time we would’ve celebrated by driving all over L.A. for free handouts of delicious circles of hot, greasy, glazed gut bombs. We would’ve started out happy but would’ve been doubled over in pain by the time we got to our second serving. Then we eliminated all that junk from our diet and would’ve been sad at the doughnut-shaped hole in our heart, as we had to sit on the sidelines, away from all the pastry-eating enjoyment.


Today we live in a world where we can cheerfully chow down on donuts without being in pain or having our bodies otherwise rebel at the sudden onslaught of refined sugar and flour and rancid cooking oil from unclean fryers.


And, in celebration of this great holiday, we’re happy to share some recipes with you. We can celebrate together, yet apart, each in our own gluten-free kitchens! (let us know, in the comments, what kind of paleo donuts you made and how they turned out!)


On Savory Lotus, Katja Heino shows us how to make grain- and gluten-free, paleo maple glazed donuts (and they are both beautiful and finger-licking good).


And because we love you, we’re throwing in a second page filled with 35 recipes for Paleo donuts. They’re all gluten-free, and some are even AIP-friendly, which happens to tie in to this month’s spotlight!