A Clean Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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A Clean Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Around here, we like to do Mother’s Day pretty much the same way we do almost everything else. That is, we take a moment to come up with the funnest, juiciest, yummiest, most glorious option and then reverse engineer it to align with what’s best for our bodies and the planet. OK, we’re not perfect, and sometimes we end up eating French fries for dinner or getting whatever is on sale at Target, but our intention is pure! And we think these Mother’s Day gift suggestions are as true to that ideal as we aim to be in the rest of our lives. On this list, you’ll find Mother’s Day gift ideas ranging from things like handmade artisanal skincare, to a vegan handbag, cookbooks, and soy candles. They’re special ways to honor your mom while also showing some love to Mother Earth.

Pretty Little Things

Wear It Mini Plants

You could give Mom jewelry for Mother’s Day or you could give Mom a living, breathing succulent plant in a necklace for Mother’s Day. We really think there’s only one option here, especially once you realize how easy it is to water the tiny succulent and to re-pot it once it outgrows the confines of its jewelry capsule. The plants chosen for Wear It Mini Plants’ jewelry are slow-growing, so Mom will get plenty of wear out of her little plant friend before it takes on new life in her garden or brand-new succulent bed! Wear It Mini Plants offers an assortment of cacti necklaces, too.

Carla Del La Cruz Jewelry

You could also give Mom the moon and the stars for Mother’s Day…or maybe just the stars. Her stars, in fact. Carla Del La Cruz Jewelry is all handmade in Los Angeles, and her Astrology Necklaces are inspired by vintage star maps, and feature glass microbeads placed individually into the shape of the star constellation for each astrological sign. Each piece is framed in either sterling silver or gold and is available in sky blue or black resin.

Fresh, Sustainable Mother’s Day Flowers

Flowers might be the most traditional Mother’s Day gift, but these days we rarely go the “traditional” route. Instead, we choose Bouqs and Farmgirl Flowers for all of our cut flower arrangements. Why? Well, for one thing, one out of every three cut stems goes to waste in the “old” system, but Bouqs and Farmgirl only cut what they sell. Momma always taught us waste not, want not, afterall. Bouqs and Farmgirl both ensure their farmers practice sustainable, eco-friendly farming and that workers are paid a living wage. Bouqs and Farmgirl are both refreshingly transparent, and on the rare occasion that something goes wrong, both companies own up to their mistakes and swiftly make things right. Farmgirl Flowers even makes a point of using American farms whenever possible, and their burlap wrap couldn’t be cuter. We’re all for getting Mom a bouquet of flowers this Mother’s Day, we just suggest you upgrade to one of these companies who are doing things in a way you and mom can feel good about.


Farmgirl Flowers

Skincare and Herbal Preparations

Whether or not Mom is a girly-girl, skincare is a safe bet. There are scores of moisturizers and body creams out there, but what about SLAY This Headache, the amazing headache roll-on from Belle N Beast Organics? The metal roller glides across the skin, delivering pain-erasing essential oils with a blissful chill. It’s perfect for the on-the-go Mom to keep in her desk, purse, or carry-on bag. Belle N Beast also has plenty of beauty creams and anti-aging preparations. Their Antioxidant Face Oil is a best seller and comes in two different sizes. As the name implies, Belle N Beast Organics uses at least 95% organic ingredients in all of their products, and they source from 100% organic suppliers.

Belle N Beast Organics

Belle N Beast Organics

If you’re familiar with May Lindstrom or Herbivore, you probably already know that blue tansy is a soothing miracle for stressed, sensitive and problematic skin. The smell is deeply calming and devotees swear their skin improves dramatically with just one application. Unfortunately, the dream products from May Lindstrom and many other high-end lines tend to come with a not so dreamy price tag. That’s only one of the reasons we’re absolutely in love with the Blue Tansy Raw Organic Treatment Balm from Natural Wisdom Spa. Mom will get the same incredible benefits the big brand players provide, without saddling you with a the significant surcharge. The ingredients are as pure as the overall vibe of the brand. What’s not to love?

Natural Wisdom Spa

We go the extra mile to ensure what goes on our insides is clean, but how much attention do we pay to the details of keeping our outsides clean? Take makeup brushes, for example. Most of us are really bad at keeping to the once-per-month minimum cleaning they’re supposed to get, and Mom is probably no better than we are. It’s a pain in the neck, right? That’s why we love the Luxe Spinning Makeup Brush Cleaner. Just fit your brush into the spinning wand, insert into the hand-blown glass bowl, and spin! The Luxe makes cleaning makeup brushes easier, faster, cleaner and more contained. Mom will thank you – and her skin will thank her.

The Grommet

A Vegan Handbag

Vegan handbags are more popular than ever, and the purses from LaBante London aren’t just vegan, they’re PETA approved. LaBante London incorporates recycled materials as much as possible (like in the bags’ interior linings and dust bags), and they use production processes that respect the environment. LaBante London cares about their people, too. All suppliers must be SGS certified and undergo a social audit of payroll to ensure workers are paid fairly. 10% of company sales go to charity. And if you’re not already convinced, the bags are so beautiful, they could could sell themselves even without the strong conscience of the company. They’re modern and of-the-minute, and you’d never guess they’re vegan.

LaBante London

Gluten-Free and Allergen-Sensitive Cookbooks

Whether Mom is starting to pay more attention to her diet, if she was the one who got you into clean food in the first place, or if you’re trying to give her a gentle nudge, a couple of really good cookbooks on the subject is a really great gift. Paleo? Gluten-free? Autoimmune? No matter what she needs, we’re in a Golden Age of discovery and accessibility for all sorts of diets, and cookbooks are no exception.


Danielle Walker is the New York Times bestselling author of Against All Grain (and the well-known website of the same name), and has been instrumental in “normalizing” grain-free foods across the country. Celebrations is her third cookbook and shows how to make allergen-friendly versions of the beloved holiday treats you thought you’d never be able to eat again. There’s even a beautiful Mother’s Day menu (hint hint).


In the The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook: An Allergen-Free Approach to Managing Chronic Illness, author Mickey Trescott begins by going into a detailed explanation of the Autoimmune Protocol — what it is and why it works — and then talks about ingredient triggers, satisfying ways to replace them, and meal plans and shopping lists. 112 recipes follow in the second section, suitable for even the strictest phases of the diet, including everything from weeknight dinners to more elaborate special occasion foods.


My Paleo Patisserie: An Artisan Approach to Grain Free Baking was written by a classically trained pastry chef diagnosed with autoimmune disease. The photography is stunning, and best yet, the recipes are foolproof and reliable. There’s also quite a bit of her story (like, coming to terms with hearing “no gluten ever again”) and how she processed the life change by redeveloping all of her pastry recipes, all the way down to a grain-free pate choux. If you really want to up your gift game, make mom something from this book when you give it to her too.


Hot off the presses! Another book of all things grain-free; author Laurel Gallucci gives us Sweet Laurel: Recipes for Whole Food, Grain-Free Desserts. It’s a treasure trove of recipes for sweets and treats and lots of gorgeous cakes we can’t wait to make. Bonus, it’s a pretty pop of pink on the bookshelf and would look even better with one of those bouquets we mentioned.

A Journal for Every Mom

Dreams, inspiration, innermost musings – a journal is a fantastic gift because in recording our thoughts, we can reflect on things that might not be immediately conscious to us the first time we think them. For those who want to take it to another level, this handmade-to-order, refillable leather notebook from Rustico is an epic gift for any occasion. And it comes in eight colors including our favorite, ocean.


Clean-Burning Soy Candles

Candles are always a good idea. The Mother’s Day candles we suggest here are both soy-based, but are available in two entirely different vessels, because all moms do not think alike. There is the Paddywax candle, with its divine rosewood and patchouli scent. The pretty canister is delicate and feminine, for the mother who appreciates a little extra. Mrs. Meyers makes our other candle recommendation, and we love their geranium fragrance (although the lavender scent is nice, too). Mrs. Meyers’ packaging is a little more utilitarian, for the no-frills, get-stuff-done moms. The price point is a little lower, too, for kids on no-frills budgets.



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