Michael Kuech thought he was doing everything right. He was 24 years old, he was in business school. He was training to become a professional tennis player. He thought he was treating his body in a way to support his endeavors and to produce optimal results.

Then he got cancer.

Kristel DeGroot had met Michael on the tennis court. She was also in business school. She was training to be a tennis pro, too. And Kristel knew how it felt to watch someone she loved go through cancer treatments. Her mother was diagnosed when Kristel was 12 years old.

Their lives changed with the diagnosis. Kristel stuck by Michael’s side, cracking jokes and mixing superfoods to clean up Michael’s system and make him better. Michael’s eyes were opened to the impact diet has on health. They both realized how easy it is for people to get sick…and how simple it can be to make healthier choices.

Over time, friends and family began to notice how much better Michael was doing on Kristel’s combinations of superfoods like maca, wheatgrass, barley grass, chia seeds, spirulina, lucuma, and flax seeds. Michael was healthier. He was happier. They both felt great. That was the beginning of what would soon become Your Super.

From Kristel’s original mixes, Your Super evolved seven distinct formulae: Super Green, Forever Beautiful, Power Matcha, Energy Bomb, Skinny Protein, Chocolate Lover, and Muscle Power. They’re targeted treatments, crafted in partnership with orthomolecular nutritionists, using rigorously-tested, meticulously-sourced premium ingredients. Each mix contains 5-6 nutrient-dense ingredients – no sweeteners, fillers or anything artificial.

Accessing all these functional nutrients couldn’t be easier. Just add a teaspoon of the mix of your choice into your morning water, smoothie, or açai bowl.

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Your Super