At a time when many of us are “voting with our wallet,” and buycotting what we don’t believe in, our moral compass directed us to Good Goods, and it’s definitely the kind of match we’d been looking for.

Good Goods represents a new way of shopping, and a new generation of makers, business owners, brands, shopkeepers, and startups that – like us — are passionate about forming deeper relationships around where, how, and why goods and services end up with customers.

Good Goods is a collaborative retail model for shared urban spaces (with a 2,000+ sqft storefront in the heart of SoHo, New York). They act as a space-as-a-service platform, giving emerging and established brands access to effective commercial spaces. Good Goods also designs and curates b2b and b2c experiences, generating thoughtful leadership around the future of retail.

They’re all about small-batch, limited edition, and unique, artisanal one-of-a-kind. They’re not about selling. In fact, at Good Goods, their true focus is on connection. Telling the stories of their brands, creating memorable in-store experiences, and cultivating a culture of cohesion around mindful shopping.

Shopping? Check out their space in NYC. Selling? Good Goods offers space-as-a-service platforms for brands, through seasonal/month-to-month memberships. They provide more than shared spaces; they also help their merchants gather analytics and insights. They generate thought leadership around prototyping interactions in support of future retail experiences. Good Goods puts their mouths where your money is, helping their partners build community and sales in one of the most vibrant shopping destinations in the world.