Dandelion greens are so good healthy, we could fill pages on what the powerhouse green can do. Packed with nutrients and minerals, the common lawn weed is fantastic for liver ailments, digestive troubles, UTIs…some people even brew it into a coffee substitute — and who hasn’t heard of dandelion wine?

But when we stumbled across this recipe from KCRW’s blog, Good Food, for salted dandelion and plantain, two ways, we got even more psyched for next spring (wild greens are better to eat before they flower, at which point they become even more bitter). This is a great side dish to break away from our traditional spring stand-by of wild green pesto (find a recipe here). Not only is this dish packed with minerals, you can forage the ingredients for free (provided you take the right precautions)!

Here’s the recipe: Salted Dandelion And Plantain, Two Ways

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