In July, we’re focusing on Paleo picnics, and we figured what better way to celebrate the Fourth than to demonstrate our independence from the crippling stomach pain, inflammation, rashes, bloating, and general misery of eating gluten?

Proudly, we’re sharing 40 Creative Paleo Sandwiches, from the always-industrious Paleo Grubs. Some of our favorite sandwich ends are sweet potatoes, portobello mushrooms, and a Paleo cornbread we like to make at home. We admit, though, we thought we had seen everything, until we came across this recipe for roast beef apple sandwiches (apple slices! as sandwich buns! we love it!). We were also pretty psyched to find Kitchen Tested‘s recipe for a breadless sausage and egg sandwich. All those egg sandwiches we used to eat — why didn’t we think to just get rid of the bread and put the egg on the outside?

We’re a little stuck on the “meaty pork bagels” (our great-grandmothers would have a thing or two to say about that!), but the pineapple-bacon deliciousness nestled between two pieces of chicken “bread” in these “chickwiches” suits us just fine.

Try some sweet little cucumber watermelon sandwiches for dessert, or as a refreshing snack while you enjoy tonight’s fireworks!

Happy Independence Day!

The Fitchen