We were recently sitting around Clean Made HQ, talking about summer and picnics and BBQs and what we’re nostalgic for from our childhoods, and someone brought up baked beans.

It was kind of a downer, because with all of our collective food issues, none of us could imagine how we’d possibly recreate the oh-so-unhealthy scrumptiousness of those copper cans of Bush’s Baked Beans we ate so often, growing up. Why? Well, most notably because now a bunch of us don’t even do beans in the first place (legumes are a no-no on Paleo, AIP, and Whole30).

But then, as one does, we consulted The Oracle. We learned that not only does a recipe already exist for Paleo / AIP / Whole30 baked beans, but that PaleoPot actually published their recipe for the Fourth of July! (Coincidence?) Most importantly, we learned that when making Paleo baked beans, one doesn’t use beans at all.

So follow this link to find out the secret to transforming plain old chicken and salt pork into your most satisfying summer memories from years ago. It really feels like magic. It also feels like home.