June Spotlight: AIP | How to Reach a Healthy Weight on AIP

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June Spotlight: AIP | How to Reach a Healthy Weight on AIP

If you learned about this website because of an autoimmune disorder, it’s likely you’ve also got leaky gut. That’s true for over 100 autoimmune diseases, so it’s probably true for your situation, too.

Having leaky gut generally equates to a complicated relationship with food, because if someone has leaky gut, they have a compromised ability to digest what they’re eating and absorb its nutrients. That lack of ability to ingest the fuel one needs is often directly seen in the numbers of underweight people who find themselves on AIP. Conversely, in some cases, it can compromise a person’s ability to lose weight, too.

Hormones are another culprit in weight issues when you have an autoimmune disorder. Inflammation is, too. Luckily, all of these can be balanced through the Autoimmune Protocol.

The Autoimmune Wellness blog is a wealth of information for anything you might want to know about autoimmune diseases and AIP. In their post about weight loss, 10 Tips To Reach A Healthy Weight On The Autoimmune Protocol, the Autoimmune Wellness ladies take a deep dive on the science and many of the possible reasons you might be struggling with the scale; things like sleep and stress, not paying enough attention to the nutrient density of your food, and even your attitude. It’s a good piece and also a good reality check. We’re pretty weight-obsessed in the United States. Sometimes we need to shift our focus away from fashion ads and marketing campaigns, and to ground back down to feeling good.

But that’s why you’re here, right? That’s why we’re all here — to learn and to grow and to heal! If you’ve started the Autoimmune Protocol diet, you’re already on your way to doing something about your digestion, so you can get your body back to where it needs to be. This piece is just one of many check-ins to make sure your journey is as pleasant and healthy and realistic as it can be.

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