June Spotlight: AIP | What If You Feel Worse on AIP?

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June Spotlight: AIP | What If You Feel Worse on AIP?

The Autoimmune Protocol is hard at the beginning. It’s an elimination diet, and what is eliminated are probably some of your favorite comfort foods. Foods like gluten and dairy that create a natural high in addition to the sensual enjoyment of the foods’ flavors and textures.

It doesn’t feel good to give these things up. It doesn’t feel good to spend so much time and energy thinking about food, and it doesn’t feel good to experience cravings you can’t indulge.

It’s natural to feel frustrated about these things, and there’s a bit of adding insult to injury as one experiences anger and irritation because their lack of carbohydrates is contributing to a dopamine and serotonin crash.

Again, all of these responses, while uncomfortable, tend to be part of the “detoxing” process. They make things a little tough for the first few days, but they pass pretty quickly as the body adjusts to its new normal.

But sometimes people push through the first stages of AIP, only to discover they’re not feeling better, or they’re feeling even worse than before they started. This is often due to something called oral tolerance, and you can read about it here.

But if you’re still in the initial phases of the diet and you aren’t noticing any improvement, this post from Dr. K News does an excellent job of explaining what the possible culprits might be. Do you feel worse on the AIP diet lists the most common physical ailments experienced in the first few weeks of AIP, and it should help you pinpoint the problem, so you can feel better. At least emotionally. The physical stuff could take you a few more days.

Read the post here.

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