Most natural deodorants are the pits.

To varying degrees, the consistency is off and sometimes you have to dig them out of little pots and the stuff gets under your fingernails and it’s gross. Some of the fragrances are a little weird; they stop working within minutes, hours, or weeks of use. Most leave a mightily unattractive, oily stain under the arms.

The irony is just a little bit funny: After going to so much effort to take the best care of ourselves, using these premium natural deodorants often gives us the presentation of someone who’s given up on life (or, at the very least, hygiene).

We can tell you, we’ve tried them all and we started back before it was cool. By the late 90s, we’d begun the journey with Jason, Kiss My Face, and a couple of the deodorant crystals. By the early 2000s, we’d all but given up. By the mid 2010s, a few new players renewed our hope that one day we might be free of aluminum, parabans, phthalates, triclosans and the stinkies. Today, we’re finally believers.

You could say this ongoing preoccupation with finding the perfect natural deodorant was a little obsessive. Maybe that’s what drew us to type:A in the first place.

type: A comes at it with a different approach. They call it the safer science protocol:

  1. Develop sophisticated formulas using proven scientific techniques

  2. Ensure every ingredient works hard and serves a purpose

  3. Screen each ingredient and the entire formula composition for safety

  4. Test (only) on humans to make sure the product experience is exceptional

  5. Check in with the clean beauty community – leading experts, industry executives, retailers, and independent watchdogs like EWG.


By making safe + high-performance deodorant, type:A is on a mission to help people lead healthier lives without sacrifice and to help bring #cleanbeauty to the mainstream.

It feels good, too! type:A’s formula goes on smooth, and has shown itself to be clothing-friendly. It’s also lightweight, both in consistency and in packaging. The container it comes in is the most ingenious thing we’ve ever seen for any deodorant product, much less a natural one. It’s a tube! That applies like a stick! Since both the product and the packaging are so lightweight, type:A has achieved a permanent place in our gym bag and our airplane carry-on.

Ok, ok, all that sounds great, right? But you want to know if it works.

We’ll tell you this: It’s been over 100 degrees in Los Angeles, three days in a row. We’ve worked out, gone swimming, been to the market, gotten waxed, dined out, made dinner, and clocked in at Clean Made. We’ve done all this while wearing type:A deodorant (we’re fans of The Visionary scent). Sitting here, writing this post, we still don’t smell bad. We’re about to head out to see a concert and our deodorant is still going strong (thank you, time-released, sweat-activated formula)!

Some would say that’s a miracle. We call it type:A.