Paleo Picnics | Camping Edition!

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Paleo Picnics | Camping Edition!

It seems nothing would be more Paleolithic than cooking over an open fire in the middle of nature. The problem, of course, isn’t the style of cooking — it’s allergenic ingredients that sneak into the things we eat during the production process. That’s why on vacation, just like at home, we try to limit ourselves to whole foods whenever we can.

We know a lot of families like to do their grocery shopping right before they get to the campground, at a local grocery store, but nothing is going to ruin a camping trip faster than an allergy attack in the middle of nowhere. If you’re planning on buying pre-made foods for your adventure, stock up on those goods before you leave your hometown. Better yet, make your own at home and bring those, instead!

Blogger Katrina, from Katrina Runs For Food, understands the various challenges of Paleo camping prep. She’s done a lot of work and research for camp meal planning, so we don’t have to! In her post, Paleo Meals For Camping, she provides a pretty extensive list of ideas for Paleo camping breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. We hope you find it as helpful as we have!

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