A shopping center in Sweden is the answer to our vintage and thrift store dreams. ReTuna Återbruksgalleria is a mall with 14 shops, a restaurant, exhibition area, and conference rooms, dedicated entirely to repurposed products. There’s even an attached training college for studying recycling.

It’s all pretty straightforward and very green: Items are donated and staff at the recycling mall sort through which goods can be repaired or refurbished (and then resold), and which must make their way to the landfill. It’s part of a growing movement called the “Circular Economy,” and shoppers can buy everything from clothes to furniture to building supplies and computers – all of which are perfectly good by the time they’re back on the shelves, they’re simply no longer wanted by their original owners. The primary owners get to be free of unwanted stuff, the second owners get perfectly good products for less money, and the earth gets just a little bit less waste to absorb.

Get all the details in this post from the World Economic Forum in their article Seismic thrift: welcome to the shopping centre for recycled goods.

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