What We’re Reading | September 1

WATCH | The Trailer for Anthony Bourdain’s New Food Waste Documentary is Here

A quick watch of this trailer and suddenly we’re feeling more empowered, enlightened, and excited to go out and conquer the world, one carrot top at a time. Read more about the project HERE.

TRY | Banana Milk

Is banana milk the new almond milk? A new Florida based company thinks so. We’re giving it a try with this super simple recipe from The Kitchn.

MAKE | Kofta Kebabs

Looking for the perfect way to spice things up this Labor Day weekend? Us too. These kebabs from I Heart Umami are a surefire winner.

READ | The Newest Endangered Species Might Just Be In Our Own Bodies

According to new research, we’re losing microbes in our bodies at a rapid rate. Researchers are studying tribal groups to determine why these microbes are dying, and how diet affects them. Read more HERE.

DRINK | Vodka… Made From Kale?

Kale vodka is the newest kid on the block and we’re loving it. Find out more about this beautifully sippable beverage HERE and get a taste of this curious new spirit at our upcoming Clean Food Fest + Clean Made Market in Downtown Los Angeles on October 21+22.