There is a lot of waste in women’s hygiene. Thankfully, from Thinx to Luna Cup, companies have started to step up to the plate and are beginning to disrupt the industry.

It’s taken awhile for tampons to catch up with the times. Menstrual cups work really well for the people who like them, but people want what they want, and if a woman prefers tampons, a menstrual cup isn’t going to fill that void…so to speak.

There are tampons with old fashioned cardboard applicators, and tampons with no applicators at all, but both styles can be problematic in their own ways.

That is, before there was Dame.

Dame (or D.). is the first reusable tampon applicator. It’s made from medical-grade Mediprene, which is smooth and anti-allergenic. The Mediprene contains advanced Saniconcentrates keep the applicator free of microbes (99 percent effective within 24 hours). D. can also stand up to heat sterilization.

It’s packed with considerate design elements to rival your favorite disposable applicators, but D. won’t contribute to the 8 million pieces of plastic that enter our oceans everyday.

D. is really something. Check it out on Kickstarter.