Living on a restricted diet can make it hard to plan a big event or party. It’s hard enough taking responsibility for our own health requirements, but ensuring that an entire gaggle of celebrants is being happily, safely, and healthfully fed is a lot of pressure! — especially when you have the kind of background knowledge we’ve amassed about all the ways the wrong foods can put a damper on one’s best-laid plans…

Keep in mind, big events are one of the things we do! After coming through some of our first autoimmune episodes, we lost a lot of sleep over the food portion of our subsequent parties. Granted, we’re diligent AF and do our homework, so everything was fine — but still, we felt the pressure.

And then we were introduced to BonaBatiste Taste Couture. We haven’t lost a wink of sleep since.

Chef Sandra Batiste comes from an impressive lineage of food whisperers, and had the additional good fortune of being born into the food city of San Francisco. A lifetime living (and traveling) among international flavors supplemented her formal chef’s training, honing her skills and culinary intuition.

She and the BonaBatiste crew are attuned to diet sensitivities, and whether you’re planning a launch party or private event, a charity fundraiser, corporate gala, or even a wedding or bar mitzvah, they’re on pointe and can be trusted to keep your menu safe from all that ails you and/or your guests.

Don’t stress the details like we did — call BonaBatiste Taste Couture and let them take the menu anxiety out of your event planning.