June Spotlight: AIP | The Pros & Cons of AIP

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June Spotlight: AIP | The Pros & Cons of AIP

Over the past month we’ve discussed a lot of aspects of the Autoimmune Protocol, including why to try it, how it differs from other Paleo-type diets, ways to make life on AIP a little easier, and offered a whole bunch of recipes to ensure the AIP diet will be as delicious as can be.

But the Autoimmune Protocol isn’t for everyone, and this post from Dr. Axe explains why.

In addition to the difficulty of living with such a restrictive diet comes the time and expense of stocking up on permissible foods. This level of preparation just isn’t possible for some people, and those personal reasons are both varied and valid. Any restrictive diet, but especially AIP, which is intended to treat autoimmune conditions as serious as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, celiac disease, MS, and diabetes, must be undertaken under the supervision of one’s doctor, as making significant adjustments in one’s lifestyle can have a direct impact on disease. Of course, this is the main objective of AIP – to heal one’s body through food– but not everyone experiences the success we so often hear about from the Autoimmune Protocol, because not all bodies are the same. Having your doctor on board means that, in the unlikely event something goes wrong, they’re up-to-date and can step in to help accordingly.

The article, AIP Diet: Are AIP Diet Benefits Worth the Drawbacks? certainly isn’t dire or doom and gloom. Rachel Link, the RD who wrote the piece, does an excellent job of breaking down the ins and outs of AIP. It’s an excellent piece if you’re still on the fence and need a little more information to determine if the protocol is right for you.

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