French fries are one of life’s pleasures and we’re happy to indulge when we can.

To make this possible, we now eat baked French fries, so we don’t immediately regret our choices. We also don’t eat them very often. But as an occasional treat? Fries are our favorite.

Depending on the diet you follow, white potatoes may or may not be on the menu. If you’re following the Paleo diet, you’ll probably want to skip the white potatoes completely and veer toward white or yellow sweet potatoes instead. If you’re following Whole30, white potatoes are fine, but frying is not. Baked fries are the way to go. Unfortunately, if you’re keto, you’re out of luck: no potatoes for you (sad face). But we’ve included a recipe for avocado fries with lots of good-for-you, natural fats, that should suit you just fine.

Happy National French Fries Day! Have fun celebrating!


Salt ‘N’ Pepper Paleo Sweet Potato Fries

Hollywood Homestead

There are zillions (count ’em) of recipes on the internet for baked sweet potato fries, so we wanted to make sure you had a recipe for some good, old fashioned fried sweet potato fries. Those aren’t verboten, you know. Some foods can be fried and still be Paleo (but always be careful when you eat any sort of French fry from a restaurant, as most are not gluten-free). This recipe, from Hollywood Homestead, is a classic.


Baked French Fries with Chipotle Ranch Dip

Paleo Running Mama

These lovely fries are nice and crispy, which (alas) is not something we often find with a baked French fry (but yay that we did find it here!). But we don’t just love the crispness Paleo Running Momma has achieved in this recipe, we can’t get enough of the finger-licking spicy chipotle ranch dipping sauce they’re served with! (The fries and the sauce are both Paleo and Whole30 compliant)


Avocado Fries


These avocado fries from tasteaholics have 51 grams of fat but only 8 grams of carbs, so if you’re on keto, this might be your new go-to snack. They’re ready to eat in just fifteen minutes, and taste great alone or as the main component of keto-friendly avocado tacos in a cheesy hard taco shell.


But if you’re off potatoes (and not into avo), never fear! You can celebrate National French Fries Day, too! This list from PaleoLeap of 10 Vegetables To Transform Into Delicious Paleo Fries offers lots of excellent alternatives.