We’re no strangers to the wonders of charcoal and natural clays– these days charcoal and clay seem to be the main ingredient in everything from toothpaste to face masks, but this magical little cube got us talking after selling out almost everywhere. The Morihata Chikuno Cube, winner of the 2008 Japanese Good Design Award, is rumored to be one of those life changing products, especially for individuals concerned with air quality or smells. These little cubes pack an air-cleaning, odor eliminating, moisture absorbing punch, all while looking super stylish on a shelf and if they work even half as well as people say, it’s no wonder they keep selling out.

Husband-and-wife team Kaz and Yuka Morihata set out to create beautiful and functional pieces that meet Japanese aesthetics combining both beauty and function.  The Chikuno Cube features a special ‘micro honeycomb’ they created optimizes the surface area of the charcoal and clay mixture ensuring this little cube packs a punch.

The smaller sized 1.5″ Chikuno Cubes are are designed to work perfectly in enclosed spaces, making them ideal for bathrooms, refrigerators, closets, and bedrooms that tend to stay closed off. The larger ‘home’ models are designed for larger open areas, come with a bamboo holder, and can easily be moved from room to room making them a lifesaver for pet lovers, parents or people who love to cook. Neither model requires electricity or batteries and require basically no maintenance, which we’ll be honest, seemed odd at first. Instead, the Chikuno Cube should be ‘cleaned’ by placing them in the sun for 6+ hours once a month. After a year, recycle them and move on to the next set. Reviewers say they eliminate cooking smells in mere minutes, promote better sleep and reduce allergy symptoms.

The only problem? They’re flying off the shelves of every retailer that carries them! So while we’d love to vouch for them personally, we’re still waiting to ours to arrive after ordering from what just might be the only place with any stock left

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