This month we’re shining a spotlight on the Autoimmune Protocol, or AIP. It’s a diet very similar to Paleo, but with additional restrictions on foods that trigger an autoimmune reaction.


Like all restrictive diets (or like any undertaking to change one’s body and improve one’s health), AIP takes work. If you’re already eating Paleo it won’t take a lot more effort, but to really steer clear of inflammatory foods, it does take some diligence.


No one knows this better than Mickey Trescott and Angie Alt. Having lived with (and treated) their own autoimmune issues (they have five between them!), both of these ladies are now helping others make similar journeys to health, through their cookbooks, their work in nutritional therapy, and their podcast, The Autoimmune Wellness Podcast.


Mickey and Angie are also the brains behind the website Autoimmune Wellness. While there is a lot to love on the site (including great resources and advice for dealing with one’s autoimmune condition), it’s their AIP Quick Start Series that really stands out as something truly special.


With printable lists of which foods to eat and what to avoid, recipes, and cooking videos, they make AIP easy. For those who want to pay for a subscription, the ladies offer excellent meal plans that (depending on price) can be personally tailored to things like food preferences, schedules, and favorite grocery stores.


Restricted diets are hard enough. Autoimmune Wellness takes a lot of the work out of AIP.